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This page will be dedicated to all reviews, such as reviews from opinion leaders, customers, and press.

Zee's publication date is April 20, 2006, which means most press will be preparing their reviews around that date.

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Happy Reading!
Zee... was chosen "Book of the Month" August 2006, by Unique Care Non Profit - www.uniquecare.org/BookMonth.html
This is a clever tale about a little redheaded girl named Zee, whose magical adventures will make any young audience giggle aloud. Of course, “borrowing China” has two meanings. When Zee hears that her mother needs to borrow China for a party, she uses her special kind of magic to borrow the country, China, for her mother—no, not the entire nation, but a number of visitors. At first, I thought the illustrations were tinged with Disneyitis or japanimationitis—Zee’s eyes are as big as her feet—but as I got used to them, I realized that they accurately represent Zee’s large heart, innocence, and over-active imagination. She is a delightful heroine who has the potential to gain a loyal following in the 4-8 age range.

Jessica Powers, NewPages Children and Young Adult Book Reviews www.NewPages.com
"Pick up this first story in the new "Zee" series to discover an extremely adventurous child!  Zee is given a grand introduction on the opening page which pairs up with an attractive illustration of Zee with her large "twinkly” green eyes and pigtails that stretch to the ground.  Early on readers learn about Zee and her interesting life shared with a Pikabu the butterfly, Zippy the hummingbird, and Pook the bookshelf who just happens to spit out books needed by Zee for her adventures.  Readers and listeners also learn that Zee shares traits common to many kids her age and that sometimes she gets mixed up.  In a unique storyline, she confuses the fact that Mom needs “china” for her dinner party with the country of “China.”  In a grand effort to help Mom, Zee, Pikabu, and Zippy travel through a secret passage in Zee’s room to get to the country of China.  Zee finds many Chinese people there and several travel back with her to supply Mom with China!  Some confusion arises, but all ends well with Zee considering her next adventure.  What appears to be a simple story is more than that.  Readers and listeners can identify with Zee and learn much about the culture of China.  Snazzy illustrations overflow with color and add pizzazz to text already filled with fun.  Youngsters will want more than one read of this book.  Several trips through the book just to look at the illustrations are in order too. "

Nancy Garhan Attebury, Children's Literature Comprehensive Database.
"An original story by Marcie Gilbert and Jamie Green, Zee Adventure One: Borrowing China is a whimsical picturebook about a red-haired, green-eyed girl named Zee who sets out to ask to borrow the country of China for her mother's dinner party, not realizing that her mother just wants to rent fancy plates. Aided by a friendly magical butterfly, she goes to see China for herself; a kindly monk informs her to her dismay that she can't simply borrow China - China is far too large! Viewing the majestic scope of the country and a joyful parade of people, she decides, "Maybe we can't borrow all of China, but we can invite a few people from China." The result is the most exciting and interesting party Zee's family has ever had! The intense color illustrations capture the zesty energy of this cheerful and optimistic adventure."

March 2006 issues of Children's Bookwatch and California Bookwatch;
midwestbookreview.com (Scroll down to the category section titled, "The Picturebook Shelf"; Zee's review will be 6th from the bottom of this category section.)

“Use your imagination!” What parent hasn’t said this to a bored child on a rainy day – often in an attempt to head off overuse of video games or TV watching?
If an inspirational role model is needed for imaginary play, check out red-haired, green-eyed Zee.

In Zee’s first adventure, we meet Zee, her mom, and Zee’s imaginary friends, Pook, Pikabu, and Zippy. Zee’s mom wants to borrow china (plates, cups) for a party. So Zee attempts to borrow China (the country) from a monk and gets an introduction to the country and people.

Visually the book is a feast; new tidbits are discovered upon each reading. Minimal pencil sketches interspersed with colorful drawings make a pleasantly unexpected variety.

If you have a five to eight year old, they might like to meet “Someone zany, zilly, and zweet whose name is Zee!”

L. Whitman, BookReview.com

Our Stanford Valley book club finally had a chance to read Zee and the reaction was unanimous. Everybody really enjoyed it and thought it was well concieved, wonderfully illustrated and definetly compelling. We think you are on to something and look forward to Zee's future adventures. By the way there was a bit of a tug and pull between assorted people who wanted to read it to thier grandchildren. Fortunately my wife and I won.

Alan B. Ungar CFP®, Fee Based Wealth Management (ccmiplan.com), Co-Author "Your Employee Stock Options"
“Zee leaps off the pages and pulls you into her world. Full of wonder and imagination, the story will captivate children and teach them valuable life lessons.  The visuals are original and stunning; you can't help but get caught up in the minute details and colorful broadstrokes. I can't wait to see what Zee does next.”

Jason Eaton, children's book author
"I absolutely love it. It is so smart and beautiful and full of such amazing integrity and spirit that I literally want to jump inside of it. Do you have the next dozen of her adventures already mapped out?"

Nancy Neufeld Callaway, screen and TV writer

"Step into the world of Zee, created by talented people – authors Marcie Gilbert and Jamie Green, and illustrator Patricia Krebs. These women have raised the bar for quality – writing, drawing, and storytelling.

Zee is a most charming, delightful, bubbly, and lively little girl, full of innocence and adventure and with a giant imagination.
Pook, Pikabu, and Zippy are her magical friends and storybook characters with staying power and who will guide readers well beyond the covers of the book.

The superb artwork is in sync with the spirit of the fiction, and a wonderful array of watercolors splash across each page with warmth and sparkle.

The success of Zee Adventure One: Borrowing China will nurture the imaginations of children and adults alike who eagerly await the emergence of Adventure Two.

All the honor to you, Marcie, Jamie, and Patricia.
Highly recommended for bookshelves in libraries, schools, and homes."

Helene Gersuk, librarian for 24 years at Sheila Sporn Library
“Being a child who had amazing imaginary adventures and friends, I immediately identified with Zee! This is a delightful adventure story showing how a simple misunderstanding can lead to very big, but very happy consequences! It is a must read for all those whose imaginations have ever taken flight - young as well as old. Join in the wide-eyed wonder of the tale of Zee and her flight of imagination! You won't be disappointed!”

Elizabeth McGregor, Acting Head & Assistant Head, The Buckley School
"We are enjoying the book you loaned to us, but the children will be happy to finally have a copy they can check-out. And, each time I share it with another group they ask about Zee's next adventure. 

“Typical children's comments include (from 2nd, 4th and 5th graders):
“’When I saw the cover, I was thinking of China the country, just like Zee.'

“'The characters are so cute I hope they are in the next adventure.'
“'This is a very different kind of story - full of imagination.'
“'It taught a good lesson about listening.'
“'A very funny story.'"

Linda, school librarian for over twenty years
"I love the play-on-words and whimsical feel of the book... A beautifully illustrated and heartwarming story that reminds us of both the brilliance and innocence of childhood."

Laura Siciliano, 2nd grade teacher, The Buckley School

"My Los Angeles-based family and I were recently blessed with the opportunity to live and work in Tanzania, East Africa . We brought "Zee...Adventure One: Borrowing China" with us. It's been such a joy to share this magical book with some of the kids in our Dar es Salaam neighborhood. They love Zee! Perhaps she'll plan a visit to East Africa one of these days! This is such a whimsical, fabulous book ! I'd say "run right out and buy it" but that's so 1990's, when what you're more likely to do is "grab that mouse" and order it online !! A MUST-read!

The Frydman Family

"Sé que esto es sólo el comienzo y que seguramente el libro va a tener una gran acogida, lenta y profunda en la gente. Así como nosotros y nuestros hijos disfrutamos y hemos hecho nuestros autores preferidos a M. E. Walsh, Canciones Para No Dormir La Siesta, y más tarde Benedetti y Galeano, quienes aún nos acompañan en nuestra vida... ustedes acompañarán a la audiencia en su camino, mucho más allá del éxito estrepitoso y momentáneo."

 "I know this is only the beginning, and I'm sure this book will have a great 'welcoming', slowly but deeply into people [people's hearts]. In the same way we and our children have enjoyed and made our favorite authors M.E. Walsh, Canciones Para No Dormir La Siesta, and later on Benedetti and Galeano, who still accompany us on our path in life... you will accompany your audience on their road, beyond a sudden and momentary success."

Matilde Cuenca, Río de la Plata, South America

"A creative, loving story that gets your laughs up."

Sammy Siciliano, 4th grade student

“My son [1st grader] LOVES the Zee book soooo much. He's been carrying it around the house for 2 days and keeps asking when Zee 2 is coming out. It's so cute. The email was 100% his idea. You have a lot of fans in our house…

“’february 1,2006
                                        Dear Librujas .I  like   the Zee book        and I thiink it should have a Caldecott award medal first place. Please        tell Marcie.
Zak Weiser’”

Zak’s mom
"Zee was excellent.  The story was fantastic.  I loved the story. ...because Zee's in it  The best!"

Hunter Isaacson, 1st grade student 

"WOW! What a great book! Zee is so beautifully written. The art and illustrations are so vibrant and captivating. I had a blast reading Zee with my 6-year-old son. He loved the story and drawings. I know what we're buying for our friends’ kids...Zee! One question? When is adventure two coming...?".

Todd Isaacson, father of a 1st grader

"The book is gorgeous! I like how the story flows. My daugher (1st grader) and I sat down, and she wanted me to read it to her right after she opened it, and she colored the complimentary coloring sheet of Zee and her room (and added the door); and she spelled "ZEe" on the fridge with her magnetic letters."

Ariel Ginsburg

"Although written for children, adults will fall under the spell of Zee and her friends. Seeing the world through this child’s literal interpretation will not only amuse but also remind grown-ups of times when their lives were magic, too. I wish Zee had been around when my children were little. My daughter would love her spunky attitude; my son would love the word play. Not to despair – my grandchildren, and those of all my friends, will be initiated immediately!"

Melissa Farnsworth, author

"This collaboration is the start of an on-going series of books targeted at children but can be appreciated by adults. I was just floored by the simplistic and original concept of it, the insane art inside, and the possibilities of where this book will go. So, if you have kids, yep- it would be an awesome gift - or if you like books, or if you like art, this is worth grabbing."

Eric Shaffer, author

“I am your biggest fan and will tell everyone I know to buy this book. I love it!”

Crystal Riley
"We just love the Zee book. What a treasure! My husband was just sitting here reading it and said, 'This sounds like our daughter,' and he's right. You've done a wonderful job, and I hope they sell really well, so we can read a lot more adventures! Kudos!"

Dawn Starostka, Helping Hands Event Planning, Las Cruces, NM, www.helpinghandsevents.com
"The book captured magic within its pages."

Lee Rudnicki, Esq., www.drumlaw80.com

"Thank you for your sweet book -- our family loves Zee! Hope to see more adventures!"

Marjory & Brent (Mom & Dad), Clara (3 1/2 yrs.), and Alma (17 mos.) Reindel
"Zee's Adventure One sets the bar for children's books; beautiful art and an excellent moral laced in a storyline that is relevant to children as well as

Dr. Richard Robles, D.C., www.lucidforce.com
"Zee is so well written, and I love the art and message. George (6 years old) especially likes it -- he studies every detail in the pictures. I can see many future episodes. We have a few of the new Ms. Frizzle's adventures, which are similar in a way but less imaginative."

Kendra Wilde, Brookline, MA