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Upcoming Books from Librujas...

La Aventura de la Banda Brillante

Written by / escrito por: Marcie Gilbert
Illustrated by / ilustrado por: Patricia Krebs

The first of the Zee series in Spanish!
¡El primer libro de Zoe en español!

Mamá necesita una banda brillante para terminar el vestido de Zoe, y Zoe encontrará la banda perfecta...

Adventure Two: The Speckled Band

Written by Marcie Gilbert
Illustrated by Patricia Krebs

Mom just needs a band to finish a dress for Zee, and Zee will find just the right one to serenade her!

Adventure Three: A Birthday Car for Grandma

Written by Marcie Gilbert
Illustrated by Patricia Krebs

Mom said, “It’s Grandma’s birthday – why don’t you make her a card?” Zee was reading, and Zippy
was humming… After Mom left the room, Zee sang to her magical friends: “It’s Grandma’s birthday,
and we need to make her a CAR!”

Adventure Four: Robbie the Robot

Written by Marcie Gilbert
Illustrated by Patricia Krebs

Join Zee and Friends as they rescue Robbie the Robot from the planet Mars!

Hopes on Hangers

Written by Miriam Paz
Illustrated by Patricia Krebs

Nina wakes up one day to find she is round like a giant balloon, from all the hopes others have hung on her. She peels each dream off herself like string cheese and hangs them in the closet to take out and consider for when she is ready...

That Butterfly Inside You

Written by Jill Jones

Illustrated by Patricia Krebs

Sasha learns from Grandfather that she has a butterfly inside her -- the head of the butterfly is her heart, and the wings of the butterfly are her lungs. Through working with this metaphor, Grandfather teaches Sasha to trust her intuition.

Fenix and His LowRider

Written by Zak Shaffer
Illustrated by Patricia Krebs

The first story in a series. Fenix discovers his  self-confidence to overcome a bully, The Nasty Boy,  through support from his uncle and wrestling hero, Firebird.

Petite Petunia's Plucky Plan

Written by Maria Rojas
Illustrated by Patricia Krebs

Petunia may be small for her age but not in bravada. Petunia exemplifies how perseverance and a good sense of humor can stand up to prejudice or challenge.

Catalino and the DontKnowWhat / Catalino y el NoSeQué

Written by / Escrito por: Erica Krebs
Illustrated by / Ilustrado por: Patricia Krebs

One morning Catalino finds a Don'tKnowWhat and consults his friends. But, how can they help him when the Don'tKnowWhat changes according to who's looking at it?

Una mañana Catalino encuentra un NoSeQu
é, y decide consultar a sus amigos. Pero ¿cómo podran ayudarlo cuando el NoSeQué cambia según quien lo está mirando?


Cantos, Cuentos,
y Otros Inventos

(Songs, Tells,
and Other Spells)

Written & Illustrated by Patricia Krebs

From South America comes Chiquitila, a mystical creature who journeys the world with her international, magical crew of miniature size, who recount their experiences, call attention to things we can’t notice at our height, and suggest that magic happens in our world or homes as a result of our undetected guests.